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Insta Review 2013

Insta Review 2013

Yes I know you’re in deep shock,  I’ve posted more than once in a week…..even I’m impressed with myself.

You can’t really move forward without reviewing what you’ve left behind you, so I thought I’d catch you up on what happened with Little Cake Tin in 2013. Given my lack of posting you may have missed some pretty life changing stuff.

Instagram is one of my favourite social media sites so it made sense to review 2013 using my Instagram pictures….so here goes…..Starting from top to bottom……

We went to see Queen B aka Beyonce! Amazing FACT! Totally inspiring and best of all I had an amazing evening with great friends.

Cocktails have played a big part of 2013, mainly because my good friend Dawny aka Infusapalooza started her amazing blog which meant Dale and I got plenty of opportunities to sample the goods…..burp.

Rupert was born! Our amazing little Godson joined the world in May and now I can’t imagine what life was like without him in it!

Family! Both my brothers went through a life changing operation and came out the other side better and stronger. We survived and it’s made me cherish my family so much more.

Dale and I had lots of enjoyable trips with our friends. The year was full of laughter and lots of drinks (thanks to Dawny).

Baking for friends and family. There was plenty of big occasions to cater for… love a good celebration cake.

We didn’t win the Halloween best dressed competition, boo. Next Year!!

I got my first Tattoo…..ouch!

The cat slept a lot, especially at Christmas. All the Christmas shopping and prep must have worn her out, lol!

Dale and I got engaged….Yay! Right before Christmas (23rd in fact) Dale popped the question through the only way he could…..he made me a website asking me to marry him, awww!

Perfect end to the year :)