Hello 2014……..A little late but Happy New Year!

Hello 2014……..A little late but Happy New Year!

The scariest thing about a New Year is commitment! Just before the New Year I have this sudden burst of excitement about what I plan to do with my squeaky clean Year….then work, traffic and general January blues hit and by the 2nd week in I’m over my burst of motivation and have given up!

Well not anymore! No more lack of commitment!

I planned to do so much more with my little blog last year but through work, family and general life my time disappeared into some random vortex and I found myself sitting here wondering how could it be that my last post was back in August?!? This is one of my hobbies so why don’t I do more of it?!?

My commitment to …..well this blog as I fear my all but small readership may have given up on me a while ago…..is to bake more, talk more, post more and enjoy this little corner of the internet MORE!!

There is much more to Little Cake Tin than just baking and I want to share it! So be prepared for a little less baking (maybe, eek, scary thought) and a little more cooking, drinking (responsibly), craft, hobbies and well life stuff!

 First things first is a little re-brand which will take place shortly so bare with any technical issues and then some more frequent posts about what is happening in the world of Little Cake Tin…….Yay!


Here’s to 2014, New Year, New Start…….New Commitment :)