Recipe Review – Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Recipe Review – Chocolate Beetroot Cake

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of change! The biggest and best was the arrival of our beautiful godson, Little Roo! He joined us in May and from that point onwards I have been mesmerized! When we arranged a family get together I wanted to create a quirky cake to match my quirky best friend’s (Steph, Roo’s mum) personality. I happened to have some beetroot in our veg box so I thought using it in baking would help build Steph’s strength to face the challenge ahead. Of course, I also needed to fulfil her chocolate craving at the same time!

I got this recipe from Fiona Cairns, Bake & Decorate book. I have always wanted to give it a try and now I had the perfect excuse (not that I need many to bake). The recipe was really easy to follow, my only advice is to cook the beetroots in their skin otherwise they’ll loose the luscious pink colour. I also recommend using gloves unless you want pink fingers for a week. As I had never cooked with beetroot before or any veg (apart from carrot) for that matter, I made no adaptations and simply followed the recipe exactly as described. The book is really well laid out, has some great recipes and decorating ideas as well as some great baking tips that I have taken on board ever since I first read the book.

The cake came out beautifully, the sponge was moist and dense with chocolate flavour. The icing on top sweetened the bitter chocolate flavour and was a perfect partnership. It must have been good as I only returned home with a single sliver to share with Dale.

You can find the recipe here. I thoroughly recommend you give this a try.


Leanne. xxx