Orange and Ginger Ale Jelly

Orange and Ginger Ale Jelly

I’ve been given a vintage jelly mould from Dales mum and dad so the first opportunity I got I wanted to give it a try. I had a pile of oranges to use up so I knew I was making orange jelly but I wanted to add another flavour. I raided my cupboards and found some ginger ale I needed to use up, although it does not compare to some of the infusions my friend over at Infusapalooza does, it worked.  I hope she can inspire me to come up with some better jelly flavour combinations.

Unfortunately my jelly mould worked for all of 5 minuets and then collapsed in the fridge, next time I will need to use more gelatine. To jazz the jelly up I used an idea from Nigel Slater and made a orange rind caramel crunch to decorate, it worked well and like the great man says it makes it a more grown up jelly.


1 x Pint of freshly squeezed Orange juice

1 x Lemon (juiced)

1 x Pint of Ginger Ale

8 x Leaves of Gelatine (for a Jelly mould add 9 leaves)

For the Orange rind caramel crunch

6 x Long strips of orange rind

2 Tablespoons of Caster Sugar


Heat the orange, lemon juice and ginger ale in a saucepan gently. In a bowl of cold water soak the gelatine leaves until soft. Once soft squeeze out any excess water and add to the juice, stir until dissolved. Allow to cool and then add to the jelly mould (if using) or bowls, place in the fridge and cool for 4 hours or until set.

For the orange rind caramel crunch, place the orange rind and sugar into a pan and place on a high heat. Allow the sugar to melt and wait for it to turn a caramel colour (keep an eye on it as it can turn fast) then pour out on to some greaseproof paper and allow to cool. Once cooled break into shards and serve on top of the jelly.


Leanne xxx