Toasted Marshmallow and Nutella Milkshake

Toasted Marshmallow and Nutella Milkshake

I’m feeling optimistic that summer is just around the corner but until it arrives I have been craving for some good old comfort flavours, this time in the form of a lovely thick milkshake. I first tasted this flavour combination at Home Sweet Home in Manchester after visiting the Cake and Bake Show last weekend. As soon as I stated to drink it I knew that I wanted to try this at home!

My home made version wasn’t quite the same but still hit the spot with its sweet chocolaty flavour. Milkshakes are such an easy thing to make and there are so many flavour combinations you can try, it’s a kinda chuck it in a see type of approach which can be refreshing. I think I may have developed an obsession with all things milkshake so watch this space for more posts….


8 x Marshmallows

2 x Tablespoons of Nutella

20ml x Whole Milk

5 x Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

Cream to pile on top

Chocolate Sprinkles for decoration


Grill the marshmallow until toasted, be sure to place them on some greaseproof paper so they’re easy to remove from the tray. Once toasted place in a blender with the ice cream, nuttella and milk, blitz until smooth depending on how you like your milkshake you can add more ice cream to thicken or more milk to thin. Pour the milkshake into a glass, put some cream on top along with some chocolate sprinkles and some toasted marshmallows.


Leanne. xxx