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Teacups and Cake Stands

Teacups and Cake Stands

This weekend I attended Judy’s Vintage Fair in Chester, I love all things vintage and often dream of filling my house with all my retro finds, but instead they are all up in the attic waiting for the day we move into our dream home.

I’ve recently been reading the Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree, so thought the fair would be the perfect place to explore and research further for one of my first blog posts.

There is more to a vintage tea party than just teacups and cake stands, the décor and party games all bring it together. Rummaging through the stands at the fair, you really get a feel for the bye gone era and it gave me lots of ideas for organising my own tea party. Nowadays there are a lot of vintage looking products to buy but I can’t recommend attending a fair more. Not only do you get more of a genuine look and feel but talking to the shop owners gave me lots of more ideas and tips and tricks.

Here are some tips from me to you…

  • Do some research – Take a look around to gain some inspiration, is there a particular style you want to mimic etc? Look beyond the high street
  • Decide on the location, are you going to hire a venue or have the party at your home? Could you find somewhere unique?
  • Buy some props – Teacups and cake stands are an essential prop for all tea parties but I found some kitch coasters in the fair that adds a little vintage twist
  • Not only are the cakes and sandwiches you choose important but think about the drinks that could go with them. Is there a classic old fashioned drink you could put a twist on?
  • Party games – we can’t just sit and eat cake all afternoon (well ok, we could) so a party game or two will add an extra layer of fun to the party
  • Hire a hair and make up artist to do your guests hair and make up in their favourite vintage style to add some extra glamour

I hope to bring some more posts using vintage cake recipes to help create your own tea party and I’m looking forward to posting some photo’s of my very own soon!


Leanne xx